Discovery Call Questionnaire

Please take a few moments to complete the information requested below. Brief answers are fine. Have fun telling us about your wants and needs. We would like to take full advantage of the time we share together and your impute is essential.

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    Client Information:

    Which design services are you interested in?

    What type of space do you have?

    Size of your project ( Square Footage):

    Number of Rooms: (ex. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, ect)

    Is your project:

    If new are you working with a builder and/or an architect?
    If yes who:

    What is the budget for your project?

    The Project is to be done:

    What is your “ideal” timeline for your project?

    Will occupants be living on the premises during construction or remodel?

    Please check all off the rooms to be included in the project.

    What priorities must be addressed for your selected areas:

    What kind of enhancements are you considering? Please check all that apply.

    When it comes to furniture & decor, what matters most to you?

    Please briefly explain:

    Please briefly describe your personal style and taste:

    What Style are you looking to achieve?

    If other, Please explain:

    Do you have a design theme in mind? Please explain:

    Please tell me the colors that you would love to see:

    Please tell me the colors that you would not like to see:

    Please provide us with the number of people in your household:

    Do you have any children?

    If yes, What are their ages and gender? Do you have any special design requirements that you would like to see implemented for them in relation to this project?

    Do you have any house hold pets?

    If yes, please tell me the type of pet and age. Do you have any special design requirements that you would like to see implemented for them in relation to this project?

    Please briefly describe what you do professionally and the kind of things you enjoy doing. ( Hobbies, sports, Listing to Music, etc)

    Does anyone work full or part time from home?

    If yes, What design issues would you like us to address, to make their work space function better for them.

    Do you use Pinterest?

    Do you have any boards I can look at?

    Do you follow any Instagram or other social media accounts that you would like to point out?

    If yes, What are they?

    Where do you normally find your inspirational photos?

    Have you ever worked with a designer before?

    If yes, Who?

    What did you like about the process?

    How did you hear about Signature Design Creations?

    If you selected referred by: Please tell us who they are so we can personally thank them for sending you to us!

    If you selected other: Tell us how you found SDC. Please be specific. It helps us find more great clients like you!

    Is there anything that you would like to share with us at this time, so that we can better serve you?