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What is E-Design? E-Design is Interior Design online!
This virtual service provides personalized design solutions from the comfort of your home. E-Design is an affordable option to traditional interior design. There are no hidden costs or design fees. E-Design is perfect solution for those discerning clients who are looking to save money, want some design direction with a designer’s expertise and enjoy DIY (Do it yourself) projects!

Creating Interiors That are Fresh,
Timeless and Uniquely YOU.

SDC E-Design packages give clients the freedom to design a single space, or an entire home at their own pace. We provided our clients with easy to follow, professionally designed plans for creating their ideal space. Each SDC E-Design is tailored specifically to our clients’ individual design needs, lifestyle, and budget. We are passionate about creating beautiful, custom E-Design interiors that truly represent our client’s personal style, taste, and interior vision.

Children's Study and Playroom with custom built-in cabinets

Nursery, Adolescence And Young Adult Bedrooms

Interior Design Floor Plan

Space Planning

Home Office with custom built-in cabinetry

Home Office

Coastal style family, dining room and kitchen with neutral colored finishes and blue fabric accents

Full Room

Transitional family room with modern furnishings and grey stone fireplace

One Room Refresh

Paint Color Swatches

Color Consultation

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E-Design is for those who love interior design combined with DIY (Do it yourself) projects! It is perfect solution for those discerning clients who are looking to save money, want some design direction with a designer’s expertise and do not mind doing a little legwork to prepare, manage, and implement the project themselves.

How E-Design allows flexibility for you.

  1. Clients can implement their personalized e-designs within their own time frame and budget.
  2. Clients have complete control over how much they spend.
  3. Clients can decide whether they would like to purchase the items that were
    selected for their e-design now, later, or make substitutions.
  4. Clients can determine their own level of ability at preforming certain tasks or if they need some assistance with those tasks. If a client feels that they need help, that is ok! SDC will recommend a list of local contractors to assist, in the following:
    • Painting
    • Building Furniture
    • Installing Drapes and Blinds
    • Hanging Wallpaper and Artwork

SDC wants to make sure that every e-design client achieves the best possible outcome with their project. We at SDC are committed to helping each of our clients turn their
personal design visions into reality.

E-design is an exciting experience for the DIY enthusiast. It provides decorating solution with clear step by step instructions for creating professionally designed spaces for one room or an entire house that you can implement at your own pace!

It all begins with you selecting and purchasing an SDC e-design package.

Once your payment is received, we will send out an SDC e-design welcome packet to your email that will contain our design prep questionnaire, along with detailed instructions as to what other items we ask you to provide.

  1. Floorplans with dimensions
  2. Photos of your space
  3. Inspiration visuals, online links, and any Pinterest Boards you like to show us

This information will help SDC to create an e-design that is truly beautiful, functional and captures your personal design aesthetic within your budget. After you have completed and gathered all the relevant information requested in your SDC e-design welcome packet, email it back to SDC. When SDC receives your information, an email will be sent to you to schedule a client design consultation over the phone/Zoom with an SDC designer. During this one-hour phone/Zoom consultation, the designer will go over your design questionnaire, photos, and other information that you provided. The designer will finalize your budget, room requirements, design goals and begin the concept development/design phase.

Depending on what e-design package you have selected and what was discussed with the designer, please allow up 1-6 week turn around with your custom e-design to be delivered to you via email.

When your preliminary e-design package is complete, you will receive an email containing your design packet for review. We ask at that time to schedule a concept presentation meeting over the phone/Zoom with your designer to go over its contents.

Some or all the following may be included in your delivered e-design package:

  1. Vision Boards
  2. Design and Color Concepts
  3. Floor Plans + Furniture Layouts
  4. Finish Selections
  5. Window Treatment Design
  6. Built-In Furniture Designs
  7. Accessories and Lighting
  8. Renderings
  9. Design Notes

Any revisions that are necessary will be done within 1-2 weeks and resubmitted to your email for you to review. Upon your final design approval, we will then send out the following information that will complete your E-Design package:

  1. Detailed list of instructions on how to implement the design.
  2. Product Source List and Purchase Information
  3. Suggestions for pulling the look together.
  4. If needed, a recommended list of local contractors to complete the job.

Now the rest is up to you! Go shopping, get to work, and transform your space!

number one

Select a Signature Design Creations
E-Design package.

number two

Welcome Packet & Design Prep Questionnaire.

Receive via email an SDC e-design welcome packet. It will contain our design prep questionnaire, along with other relevant information that we ask you to complete and provide about your project. Once complete, email this information back to us! As soon as we receive your completed e-design welcome packet, we will send an email to you to schedule a client design consultation over the phone/Zoom with an SDC e-designer.

number three

Client Consultation and Concept Development.

During your client design consultation an SDC e-designer will review your design prep questionnaire, photos, and other information that you have provided. We will finalize your budget, room requirements, design goals in order for us begin the concept development phase. During the concept development phase, we set the aesthetic direction for the space using the above information as our guide.

number four

Design Implementation, Planning and Sourcing.

SDC will create a comprehensive plan for your space. Depending on which e-design package you have selected it ma include some or all of the following: floor plans, design, color concepts, fabrics, finish, furniture selections, lighting fixtures, wall treatments, window furnishings, flooring elements, and accessories packages that will fit your functional, aesthetic and budget needs. We will send this information via email for your review. We ask at this time to schedule a Preliminary Concept Presentation with your SDC e-designer.

number five

Preliminary Concept Presentation.

During your Preliminary Concept Presentation, the SDC e-designer will review your e-design package contents and make any necessary changes to your design. Please allow 1-2 weeks for any revisions that need to be made. Once complete, your SDC e-designer will email the revised e-design package to you for final approval.

number six

Final Design and Implementation.

Upon final approval of your e-design package, SDC shall send via email your completed design package. This will include a detailed list of instructions on how to implement your design, a product source list and purchase information, and if needed, recommended local contractors to complete the job. Your now ready to execute your SDC e-design!

Interested in getting your project started?

Signature Design Creations strives to provide compressive services that are individually tailored to each client. We make sure that all of our client’s expiations are met and well executed.