Incorporating Fine Art and Antiques into your Home

Georgian Colonial Dining Room

Bucks County is truly an amazing place to work, live and play. With breathtaking scenery and captivating natural beauty, Bucks County is a haven for its residents and artists alike. Not only are the landscapes inspiring for the senses, Bucks County is home to some of the finest art and antiques galleries in the country. It is a collector’s paradise for that educated buyer looking to find that perfect piece of art or antique item for their home.

My clients often ask me how to incorporate fine art and antiques into their homes with out making it seem too dated or overdone. When using antiques in the décor of a room, one needs to remember that the goal is to make your home a personal refuge not a mini museum. The “Museum Effect” results from an overabundance of antiques that are placed throughout without attention to the purpose or visual effect you are trying to achieve. The one thing that we need to keep in mind when decorating with antiques is that we are living in the present and not the past. Our homes need to reflect that reality, however, it is very acceptable today to blend the old with the new. Doing so produces interior spaces that are exciting, interesting and unexpected.

The first thing to consider when using art and antiques in your home is the overall design theme. What is the look, style and feel that you want to achieve. Once that has been established, the next step is to survey what items you already own and like to reuse and what items you would like to add. Make sure that pieces reflect the overall design theme that you have selected.

Next, start looking. It can be a lot of fun to search for items for your home. There is a thrill one gets when looking for art and antique pieces. You never know what fabulous and exciting items you may find in your journeys. Antiques have stories behind them. When you purchase a piece for your home you are giving it a new life, a new story.

A very important idea to keep in mind when selecting antique pieces is the quality of the item. Quality not quantity is extremely important. Quality pieces have fantastic detailing and fine craftsmanship. It is those details and fine craftsmanship that give antiques their interest and artistic flare, and in turn adds life and vibrancy to any space which they are placed.

When arranging your art and antiques, select the larger pieces to place first, such as sofa, tables, credenza, or large paintings. They will define the layout of the room and help you discover where to place that focal point item. If you have a collection or group of similar items, it is always better to place them together in one area of the room. This gives greater significance to the collection. Lastly, use an editing eye when placing your items. Do not crowd a space with too many antiques items. Key pieces placed thoughtfully in a room can make it more inviting and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.