Holiday Decorating Trends For 2019

Rustic Christmas Holiday Decorations

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.” as stated in the famous Christmas tune from 1951 sung by Perry Como. For once November 1st hits the holiday transformation begins. Retail stores, restaurants, homes and more begin dressing up to display their holiday finest. There is something enchanting about it and most people would agree that one tends to have a little more spring in their step when looking at all of the beautiful holiday lights all over town.

For me holiday decorating is a combination of magic and beauty, where well placed layers of smells, tastes, colors and lights come together to create a magical world full delightful memories, excitement and joy for the young and old alike.

So, what is the holiday décor trend for 2019?

There are several key trends that can be seen throughout this holiday season.

Santa Clause and Mother Nature come together this year with a more natural approach to holiday décor with more earthy materials and motifs. Envision natural looking design elements with surfaces that have a frosty, bark-like textures, fabrics that have patterns of fir trees, birds, deer, twigs, snowflakes, and feathers, and hanging decorations of animals of all kinds and different shaped pine cones.

Colors of brilliant blues and greens that represent the sky and sea can be seen on many of the ornaments and fabrics. Red gold and aubergine as well as cinnamon, grey, beige and white with accents of black bring the colors of autumn leaves to various holiday accessories and décor. Metallic shades of silver, copper and antiqued gold that have an aged, matted look that when placed against the backdrop of a hunter green Christmas trees look elegant and refined.

Holiday lighting always plays a big role in holiday décor. This year the there is a major shift from bright white lights to a more soft, warm glow that is reminiscent of days gone by. The softness and warmth they bring adds a bit of magic and romance to any exterior or interior application that they are applied to.

Vintage Christmas ornaments also make a big come back this holiday season and why not? Vintage is and has always been a part of the Christmas holiday after all, it is a celebration of tradition and family. The delicate beauty and old world craftsmanship found in classic glass ornaments is always a great choice when it comes to introducing additional holiday magic to your Christmas décor. The unique shapes, colors and textures are not only a visual feast for the eyes but also never go out of style.