Increasing the Value of Your Home

Statue with Butterfly and Gazebo in background

Any time of year is great to work and reinvest in your home. By making simple and affordable changes you can not only increase and add value to your home, but also provide both immediate and long-term rewards.

Here are some of my top suggestions to do just that.

#1.Curb Appeal:

What is the very first thing that people notice right away when they pull up to your home? The landscaping. Landscaping is a very important feature for your home not only because it can be a major selling point for buyers, but also because it leaves a lasting impression on visitors. One should give as much attention to the exterior of their home as they do to the interior. A well manicured lawn, varied shrubs, and colorful accent plants can add interest to your yard. The use of outdoor lighting can accent the architectural elements of your home, add interest and set a mood. Freshly painting exterior features such as the front door, window trims, and architectural accents breathes new life into the exterior of the home. In effect, these improvements help make what is old new again.

#2. Revive the Kitchen:

The kitchen is one of the most important features in homes today. Not only is it a major focal point in a home but it is also a major selling point too. The kitchen should be viewed not only on the basis of it’s functionality but also how up to date it is. Replace old appliances with new stainless steel energy efficient models. They may be more costly initially, but will end up saving you money in the future. It your cabinets are outdated there are two options to consider. Depending on your budget, the first option of simply updating your existing cabinets with new cabinet doors and hardware. It is very cost effective solution. If cost is not an issue, then opting for new cabinets and countertops is the way to go. Lighting is another feature to consider when updating or remolding your kitchen. Adding more high hats and recessed lighting under the upper cabinets not only brightens up the space but also adds ambience to this very important room.

#3 The Basement:

In today’s current housing climate the basement has been totally transformed from an area that was used primarily for storage, to an extension of your homes living space. Basements now provide areas that combine living, playing, and storage areas creatively laid out. The basement can truly be if designed and appointed probably, a fantastic a recreational retreat.

#4 The Master Bedroom/ Suite:

Master Bedroom/Suites are an expected feature in today’s homes. They should be open and clutter free spaces that are inviting, intimate and extremely comfortable. Master Bedroom/ Suites should include a private seating and reading area, as well as, a beautifully designed and organized walk-in closet.

#5 Master Bathroom:

Another key element to consider when investing monies into your home is the master bathroom. Everyone loves a spacious, well appointed master bathroom. When remolding the master bathroom, here are some things to think about changing. New cabinetry and granite countertops are always an important upgrade when enhancing the master bath area. If your bathroom has old tiles or a dated tub, sink, toilet, and lighting fixtures consider replacing them.

Renovating and updating a home is always a good idea. Not only does it bring added value to your asset, but also lends itself to having more aesthetical appeal. When considering remolding to increase the value of your home, the number one rule is to make sure that your renovations are keeping in character with your community and your lifestyle. It is important to investigate the selling prices and values of the homes in your area. This information will help you better determine the amount of monies to invest into your home in order to enhance its value to you as your personal haven and as an important real estate asset.