Storage Solutions for Your Mudroom

A mudroom or catch all space is known as a secondary entrance to your home where shoes, jackets and clothes can be removed – especially wet or dirty items before entering the main house. Mudrooms have become a multipurpose space for sporting equipment, seasonal gear, dog leashes, and all kinds of everyday items. This space needs to be not only practical but also well organized to keep clutter at bay and maintain order. Depending on your budget and storage needs there are several ways to do this and create that well organized catch all space that you have been dreaming about!

Storge Bench

A lot of the time we need a place to sit and change our shoes before entering or leaving the house. A storage bench is a practical solution for this.  It not only offers an ideal place for you to take a seat but allows for a place to rest your bags or packages whether you are coming in or going out. If space is at a premium in your home, consider a bench with some storage underneath in the form of under-the-seat drawers, shelves, or cubbies. 

Coats and Bags

For Coats and Bags consider installing hooks for lighter wait items to hang. Give each family member their own dedicated hook for their coats or bags! Even the dog can have his or her own cubby to store their leash or coat. 



Shoe storage can be very tricky. Whether you have high or low boots, snow boots, sneakers, high heel shoes, loafers, or flip flops… the various sizes make for a challenging endeavor when thinking about how to best store them. You not only have to allow for easy access to those items but also provide a way to keep things neat and tidy. Cubbies can hold baskets, bags, and shoes. Baskets are great for containing multiple shoes such as sneakers, slippers, and flip flops. Adjustable shelves are essential as they allow for flexibility. They can be adjusted to fit a variety of shoe heights and other storage needs.

Custom Built-Ins

Custom Built-ins are a great way to really maximize your mudroom’s storage space because you can add as many built-in features as you would like to fit your family’s needs. From shelves and cubbies to drawers and cabinets, your mudroom can be transformed into the workhorse of the house. You can store almost anything in this kind of cabinet from shoes, bags, umbrellas, boots, hats, coats, dog leads, and more, all neatly placed and tucked away in their appropriate spot.